Contact Staff Card Deck


Why Now?

The game is finally ready!

A Crowd Sale is a chance to share a factory production run with many other people, giving everyone access to the bulk buying discounts! The price starts from $33USD and will only drop as more people put their orders in. Also, The Game Crafter's prices (The place where I get the cards printed) are going up by a lot this month. I've locked in the lower pricing for the crowd sale, which ends December 16th. After December 16th, the deck will go from $35USD (rrp) to ~$42 USD. Get it cheap while you can! This is a one-time offer. The deck will never be this cheap again! Please share with anyone you know who likes contact staff - the more people that buy, the cheaper it gets for everyone!

Watch the youtube video above for an overview!

This deck incorporates the fundamentals of the art of Contact Staff into a single deck of cards! Each card represents a component, that when combined, lets you create almost any trick possible! An instruction booklet is included to help you create and compete with your friends!

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Playthrough Video

Keen to see what the game looks like? Want to learn the rules?

Look no further!

Version 3.0 out now!
Changes: 21 July 2022

  • 3x New Speed cards: Slow, Medium, Fast

  • 2x Armpit removed (as it's basically the same as shoulder)

  • 2x Left/Right Leg cards added

  • Game rule updates to include a thoroughly playtested new game that enables both beginners and advanced players to challenge each other and have fun at the same time!

  • New Hook Box Design - more durable than the previous packaging.

  • Updated Arm position cards to Arm/Leg Position, as Legs are now in the game!