The Jed

Jed Fowler

Jed has been fire spinning since 2002. What started as having some firey fun on a beach in Thailand quickly turned into a hunger to learn more about all the flow arts! Starting his time with tech poi, his attention soon shifted to contact staff, double contact staff then dragonstaff. Over the last 15 years he has developed many innovative techniques across contact and dragon staff that are now taught worldwide. He has travelled the world learning, teaching and performing in countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Egypt, UK, USA and Canada, to name a few, with regular teaching and performing appearances in fire festivals Australia-wide. Jed started and continues to co-run Spunout festival in Perth, Australia; a fire festival that has been running for 16 years. He currently operates the dragonstaffshare youtube channel, which is dedicated to sharing new ideas, theories and content relating to dragonstaff. He also researches specialist fire effects sold on website. And now,!