I teach many unique workshops! Get the knowledge from 20 years of experience at your next event! 

I have taught regularly at festivals around Australia, including Spin Circus Festival, Spunout, Objectify and Common Ground over the last 20 years, with a few guest and teacher appearances at international festivals. Recent events include PCO in Malaysia, Kinetic Fire and Firedrums in USA, Under the Spinfluence in NZ and Spunout & Spin Circus Festival in Australia over 2017-2019. I also co-run the local fire festival, Spunout, and train and organise the workshop instructors for this event. I have participated in the local spinjam meetup for the last 17 years, being the primary teacher and organiser for approx 10 of these years. For an idea of the skills and breadth of knowledge, my workshop teaching list contains all the workshops I have taught in the last 3-5 years. 

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Teaching Fire Safety and Spinfest

Teaching Fire Safety at Spinfest, photo by Lou Myers